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Exhibition on Signature of human endeavor in India

Purohit said in the South-East Asian Gallery of the museum, there was a new addition of the inscription of Buddhagupta of the sixth century.

PTI 05 Aug 2018, 06:13 AM India

The Indian Museum here is constructing a gallery where several objects chronicling human endeavor on this land in the past thousands of years will be exhibited.

The exhibits of the gallery will be taken from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) collections and those consist of scientific evidence of ancient human endeavor including crafting tools used by hunters, food gatherers, grinding and polishing stones, Museum Director Rajesh Purohit told PTI.

It will be called the 'Signature of human endeavor in India', Purohit said adding, "When you see anything or when anybody comes to your country the question arises how old is the culture. We have attempted to answer this question in an ongoing exhibition."

While currently some objects are being shown in an exhibition in the Museum and it will continue till August 19, the items after documenting and chronicling will be housed in the new gallery when it comes up, he said.

Purohit said in the South-East Asian Gallery of the museum, there was a new addition of the inscription of Buddhagupta of the sixth century.

The Indian Museum got the inscriptions and "It is now in our collections," he said. He said a replica of the inscription had recently been gifted to Singapore premier by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The South-East Asian Gallery also has a 13th-century boat with temple motif from Odisha indicating a maritime connection with neighboring countries, he said.

The same gallery also has paintings, drawings, sketches, terracotta objects, seals and coins which were found all along the coastal belt of the eastern part of the country, he said.

The museum is also working on to communicate the history of the exhibits through an audio-visual medium. "We'll hire a company to provide all these information through headphones. We want to make the youth of the country aware of the rich past of India," Purohit said.

"There will be a storytelling manner through which these exhibits will be shown to people so that children and common visitors will not only understand India's cultural and

other ties with South-East Asia but get to know about our heritage, our epics, and literature," he said. Purohit said the museum could play a pivotal role in establishing cultural and friendly relations with neighboring countries like Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Talking about people to people contact, he said when foreign tourists visited the Indian museum there was an interpretation center in the form of touchscreen.

"Unless the historic significance of the object is not communicated properly, people will not understand," he said.

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