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Japan to provide experts for compilation of accurate economic data of Nepal, Egypt

Experts from Japan to help Nepal and Egypt collect household and corporate data by 2019.

Devdiscourse News Desk 09 Aug 2018, 11:58 PM Egypt Arab Rep., Japan, Nepal
  • Apart from using tablets while conducting interviews and storing data on servers, Japan to provide USD 5.4 million as covering the cost for sending experts and equipment. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Asian and African nations are soon going to get help from Japan for the compilation of accurate economic data. For the initial phase, the work will start with the census projects in Nepal and Egypt.

Experts from Japan experienced in government surveys will help both the nations in collecting household and corporate data by 2019. The aim is to get an accurate data in par with the developed nations.

For the data collection, the overall planning will be done by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Foreign Ministry. The task of dispatching the experts has been handed over to the Internal Affairs Ministry's Statistics Bureau.

The first-ever economic census in Nepal was conducted between April and June 2018 with the support from Japan. The interviews were conducted by locally employed enumerators with an aim of collecting data on one million businesses. During this, the giant corporations were also included.

A preliminary report of the same will be released by the next month. The final version of the report is expected to be out by next summer. About USD 5.4 million is being provided by Japan including covering costs for sending experts and equipment.

Egypt’s economic census is due for launch in this October. Japan will aid Egypt with approximately 150 million yen for the provision of experts and equipment.

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