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TRAI hosts workshop on customer education and advocacy groups in Uttarakhand

TRAI conducted a "Regional Workshop on Capacity Building of Consumer Advocacy Groups and Consumer Education" at Joshimath, Uttarakhand.

TRAI 14 Jun 2018, 12:05 AM India
  • The programme comprised two sessions. (Image Credit: Twitter)

One of the important objectives of TRAI is to safeguard consumer interests and create consumer awareness. Towards this objective, TRAI has instituted a system of registration of consumer organizations as Consumer Advocacy Groups (CAGs).

These CAGs act as interlocutors between consumers, Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), coordinate/articulate consumer responses to TRAI initiatives towards consumer education and work for protection and propagation of consumer interests.

Thus CAGs are important partners of TRAI in its constant endeavour to safeguard consumer interests. It is thus necessary that the CAGs are well equipped and trained so that they can perform this role efficiently.

Keeping this purpose in mind, TRAI conducted a "Regional Workshop on Capacity Building of Consumer Advocacy Groups and Consumer Education" at Joshimath, Uttarakhand on 07.06.2018. The programme was chaired by Shri S.K. Gupta, Secretary, TRAI.

Delivering his keynote address on the occasion, Secretary, TRAI highlighted the role of CAGs in assisting TRAI in enhancing consumer education and awareness about the rights granted to them under different TRAI regulations, directions, tariff order etc.

He also dwelt upon some of the recent consumer centric regulations/recommendations made by TRAI like recommendations on Net neutrality, Ombudsman, regulations for tightening of Call drop norms and proposed amendments in UCC regulations and TRAI apps etc.

The programme comprised two sessions. In the forenoon session, which was attended by CAGs representing Uttar Pradesh (East), Uttar Pradesh (West), J&K, HP, and Punjab licenced service areas (LSAs) and TSPs operating in these areas, deliberations were held amongst TRAI, CAGs and TSPs on various consumer centric issues particularly with regard to redressal of consumer grievances by TSPs, efforts being made by CAGs and TSPs in enhancing consumer education about various TRAI consumer related Regulations, Directions and towards redressal of consumer grievances.

While CAGs shared their experiences and informed about the issues being faced by consumers in their respective areas, TSPs apprised of the efforts being made by them to effectively redress their grievances.

In the afternoon session, Secretary, TRAI made a presentation on "Smart Phone usage in Internet era". A presentation was also made by an expert from Ministry of Electronics & IT(MEITY) about the "Digital India Programme"- a flagship programme of the Government, to educate CAGs and other participants on these two important subjects.

As regards Smart phone usage Secretary, TRAI while talking about how the mobile phone has now become an instrument for empowering people and is a key infrastructure resource with lot many services like banking, education, health riding on it.

He also advised about the things to be kept in mind for the judicious use of mobile data for being a smart user.

Speaker from MEITY dwelt upon the importance of 'Digital India' programme, its various components and the efforts being made by the Government to increase digital literacy. Besides Members of CAGs and TSPs, academicians from the educational institutes, officers of State Government, Banks and NGOs etc. from the Joshimath city attended the session.

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