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Winslow Jr. to stand trial for alleged kidnappings, rapes; bail set at $2M

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. will stand trial on felony counts of kidnapping and rape of two women, a judge ruled Thursday after a pretrial hearing in Vista, Calif.

Reuters 12 Jul 2018, 10:03 PM United States

Former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. will stand trial on felony counts of kidnapping and rape of two women, a judge ruled Thursday after a pretrial hearing in Vista, Calif.

Superior Court Judge Harry M. Elias found sufficient evidence for Winslow to be tried for alleged kidnappings and rapes of a 54-year-old hitchhiker and a 58-year-old homeless woman. Winslow also faces one count of forcible sodomy, one count of misdemeanor indecent exposure and two counts of misdemeanor trespassing.

Elias reduced the latter two charges from felony counts of burglary -- prosecutors alleged Winslow entered the mobile homes of two elderly women with intent to rape them -- after hearing testimony and reviewing evidence.

Winslow faces life in prison if convicted of all charges.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, prosecutors "likely plan" to file additional charges on Thursday, but it is unclear what those charges might be.

Winslow was arrested in June and accused of the kidnappings and rapes of the two women in their 50s, two burglaries with intent to rape elderly women and one act of indecent exposure among five separate offenses in Encinitas, Calif., since March. He pleaded not guilty on June 15 in a Vista courtroom to eight felony charges and one misdemeanor.

Bail was set at $2 million on Thursday, and Winslow is ordered to wear a GPS unit if released from custody. He has been held since June 14 without bail.

After three of Winslow's accusers failed to identify him in court during the first day of the pretrial hearing on Wednesday, the 58-year-old woman picked Winslow out of a photo lineup on Thursday.

The woman testified that Winslow -- whom she knew as "Kevin" -- offered her a ride a few months ago and later offered to take her to coffee on May 13. She testified that he took her instead to a secluded area and raped her before threatening to kill her if she told anyone. The woman, who said she was homeless at the time, testified she was "scared to death."

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old woman pointed out one of Winslow's attorneys, Brian Watkins, when asked by a prosecutor to identify the man who attacked her. Winslow, who turns 35 next week, and Watkins, 49, are both African-American.

"Well, she did not describe our defense and our client and didn't ID him in court," Watkins told USA Today Sports outside the courtroom. "She ID'd me. I didn't have anything to do with this. You better not write that I did."

Watkins categorized the misidentification as "very significant."

Two others who testified Wednesday could not identify Winslow. A 71-year-old woman said a strange man whom she believed to be Winslow after seeing on the news that he had been arrested earlier in the month had entered her mobile home. But she couldn't identify him, nor could a third woman who testified that a man named "David" exposed himself to her while she was gardening.

Winslow last played in the NFL in 2013 for the New York Jets, missing four games that season after being suspended under the NFL's performance-enhancing drug policy. He was arrested later that year for possession of synthetic marijuana.


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