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Pistachio rises on fresh buying support

Pistachio rises on fresh buying support

PTI Last Updated at 07 Aug 2018, 14:08 IST India

Pistachio prices edged up by Rs 5 per kg at the wholesale dry fruit market in the national capital today largely on the back of increased buying by retailers and stockists amid fall in supplies from overseas markets.

Prices of pistachio hairati and peshwari rose by Rs 5 each to conclude at Rs 1,575-1,605 and Rs 1,665-1,685 per kg, respectively.

Marketmen said, increased offtake by retailers and stockists amid fall in supplies from overseas markets mainly pushed up pistachio prices.

Following are today's quotations (per 40 kgs):

Almond (California-new) Rs 18,300-18,500, almond-gurbandi Rs 11,500-12,000, almond (girdhi) Rs 4,500-4,700, abjosh afghani Rs 8,000-25,000, almond kernel (california) Rs 665-675 per kg, almond kernel (gurbandi) Rs 650-750 per kg, chilgoza-(Roasted) (1 kg) Rs 2,200-2,300, cashew kernel 1 kg (no 180) Rs 1,070-1,075, cashew Kernel (no 210) Rs 965-975, cashew kernel (no 240) Rs 865-875, cashew kernel (no 320) Rs 765-775, cashew kernel broken 2 pieces Rs 715-765, cashew kernel broken 4 pieces Rs 600-710, cashew kernel broken 8 pieces Rs 555-665, copra (qtl) Rs 17,000-20,000, coconut powder (25 kgs) Rs 4,200-4,800, dry dates-red (qtl) Rs 3,200-11,000, fig Rs 25,000-35,000 (40 kgs), kishmish kandhari local Rs 8,000-10,000 (40 kgs), kishmish kandhari special Rs 10,000-20,000 (40 kgs), kishmish Indian yellow (40 kgs) Rs 8,000-8,500 (40 kgs), kishmish Indian green Rs 10,000-13,000 (40 kgs), pistachio Irani Rs 1,250-1,400 (1 kg), pistachio hairati Rs 1,575-1,605 (1 kg), pistachio peshawari Rs 1,665-1,685 (1 kg), pistachio dodi (roasted) 770-900 (1 kg), walnut Rs 350-450 and walnut kernel (1 kg) Rs 650-1,050.

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