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PTI Last Updated at 07 Aug 2018, 21:08 IST India

In view of the 'bandh' (shutdown)

called by the Maratha organisations on August 9 over their

reservation demand, police have decided to step up security in

the district.

District Collector Naval Kishor Ram today held a

meeting of over 50 members and conveners of Maratha Kranti

Morcha (MKM), where District Superintendent of Police Sandip

Patil was also present.

Talking about the security measures, Patil said that

besides the existing police force, three additional State

Reserve Police Force (SRPF) companies and one Rapid Action

Force (RAF) team will be deployed to ensure that there is no

law and order situation in the district.

"We have decided to deploy our 80 per cent police

force towards the protest. In addition to that, three SRPF

companies and one RAF team will be deployed at sensitive

places in the district," he said.

According to Patil, security will be enhanced on the

main highways passing through the district as the protesters

might try to block the roads.

Talking about the preventive action against the

anti-social elements, Patil said some miscreants have been

identified and they will be detained and kept out of the


"So far 50 people have been arrested in connection

with the violence that erupted in Chakan," he said.

Ram said, "During the meeting, an appeal was made to

the Maratha organisations to maintain peace and not to resort

to the violence on August 9. I am happy that all the MKM

members and its conveners were positive and assured


The collector said he told the conveners of the MKM

that the state government was taking all the necessary steps

towards fulfilling the reservation demand.

"We appeal the youth from the community not to take

any drastic step such as suicide," he said.

According to Ram, a decision on keeping schools and

colleges shut on August 9 will be taken tomorrow.

Pravin Gaikwad, one of the conveners of the MKM

fromthe citysaid they were travelling in the state and

making an appeal to the members of the community to maintain

peace during the protest and not to resort to any violence.

"All the community members have been asked to gather

at their respective collectorate or tehsildar offices in their

city from 10 am to 5 pm on August 9 to express the solidarity

to the agitation," he said.

Members of the MKM will be holding a sit-in agitation

outside the residence of NCP chief Sharad Pawar at Baramati

(in Pune district) tomorrow, Gaikwad added.

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