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Rajya Sabha erupts in laughter on Goyal-Sharma 'jalebi' 'pickle' jibes

Rajya Sabha erupts in laughter on Goyal-Sharma 'jalebi' 'pickle' jibes

PTI Last Updated at 07-08-2018 23:13:35 IST India

Finance Minister Piyush Goyal and senior Congress leader Anand Sharma's banter on 'jalebi' and 'spices and pickles' drew many laughs in the Upper House today.

Taking a jibe at Goyal's reply on measures to check black money, Sharma said, "We have many dishes on the Indian menu including the desserts but ...because we like to eat Jalebi, Jalebi should not be in reply to the questions of the members. That is the minister going round and round".

But Goyal was quick to quip that it was better than "spices and pickles" served by the Congress.

The House broke into laughter when Goyal further said, "At least I am happy that our government gives dessert to the people of India and we don't give spices and pickles which was given before 2014 which left such a sour taste in the country's mouth and in the country's pallet."

When chair M Venkiah Naidu tried to stop Goyal that Sharma quipped in a lighter vein, Goyal said he was reciprocating and it could also be humourous.

"I am feeling sorry for the crores of people who had to suffer spices for all these years till the mithai that our government gave," he said.

Earlier, he spoke at length on measures to check black money in the country.

It was KVP Ramchandra Rao's (Congress) remark while seeking Naidu's permission for raising three supplementaries on black money that led to another round of laughter in the House. "I feel that I am in a classroom before a headmaster before the chair so don't at least disturb me when I am asking the question," Rao quipped.

Later Goyal commented looking at the chair: "I wish all of us had as benign headmaster as you in our school days. It would have made life much more easier." PTI NAM MR


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