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PTI Last Updated at 08 Aug 2018, 22:08 IST India

The Maharashtra government has

forwarded only five proposals for setting up hostels for OBC

students under a Central scheme which was announced in

2014-15, an OBC department official said today.

Interestingly, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra

Fadnavis had yesterday announced that the state government

would construct hostels for OBC students in 19 districts, and

funds will be made available for the purpose.

"The Central government had announced a scheme to set

up hostels for OBC students (boys and girls) in 2014-15. The

scheme was meant to benefit the students from economically

weaker background. The objective was that these students could

stay in these hostels at a district place and pursue better

education," the official said.

The OBC department is currently headed by the chief


As per the scheme, each hostel would accommodate 100

students. The hostel would get a grant of Rs three crore.

"Of the total cost of the construction, the Centre

would bear 60 per cent cost for boys hostels and 90 per cent

cost for girls' hostels. In both cases, the state government

is supposed to bear the rest of the expenditure," he


The official blamed unavailability of land for the

less number of proposals.

"Many districts in Maharashtra do not have suitable

land on which the hostels would be constructed. In some cases,

the available land is not suitable for setting up a hostel.

Despite some reviews taken in the last four years, there was

hardly any progress in finalising the land, as a result of

which most of the projects got stuck," he said.

Explaining the procedure, the official said the OBC

department is supposed to send proposals after receiving

reports from district collectors concerned on the availability

of land.

"We could sent only five proposals to the Centre. We

are sure that the proposals will be cleared in near future,"

he said, adding that the proposals have been sent for Nagpur,

Washim, Ahmednagar, Yavatmal and Buldhana districts.

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