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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 18:08 IST India

The owner of Priya Cinema, where

a fire had broken out during the night show on August 6, today

said he was not sure when screenings would resume at the

theatre as the fire department has given a lot of conditions

to fulfill for obtain the no-objection certificate to resume


Some of the conditions involve alterations in the

layout of the auditorium and surrounding areas, Priya Cinema

owner Arijit Dutta said.

The fire department had sent a letter to the owner of

the hall recommending certain changes in the seat arrangement,

exit-entry gates, lay out in the building and the surrounding


"We are not sure when all these changes can be

incorporated and we can finally throw open the theatre for the

public," he said.

Fire Services Minister Sovan Chatterjee earlier said

the government would take every step to ensure safety of the

audience and those visiting the restaurants functioning

on the ground floor of the theatre, he had stated.

The fire originated from a food stall located on the

ground floor and the main theatre was not affected as the

employees managed to evacuate the audience immediately after

the incident, Dutta had said earlier.

The fire had broken out at the theatre in Deshapriya

Park area of south Kolkata during a show of a Bengali film on

August 5 at around 10:15 pm.

Cinemagoers had managed to exit after smoke filled the

auditorium in the middle of the show. Four members of Dutta's

family and a staff member were trapped on the roof, but were

evacuated safely by fire brigade personnel

There was no report of any casualty.

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