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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 18:08 IST India

A speech-impaired person was

allegedly assaulted by a mob at Meghnagar railway station in

Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua district on suspicion of being a child

lifter, police said today.

The incident occurred last night when the person,

suspected to be a transgender, was stopped by a local woman

whose baby boy was allegedly stolen by unidentified persons

from Ujjain railway station three months back, a police

official said.

"The woman spotted a person behaving in a suspicious

manner near Meghnagar station (around 15 kms from Jhabua) and

accused him of being a child-lifter. Her another son claimed

that he had seen the person with his brother," said Government

Railway Police (GRP) Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Bathusingh


After the woman raised an alarm, a mob gathered at the

spot and beat the person, before handing him over to the

police, he said.

Police later realised that the person is dumb and

cannot speak, Bilore said, adding that they suspect that the

person is a transgender.

Police then asked the person to write about his

identity on a piece of paper, but he wrote in a script that

the police couldn't read, said the ASI.

He said police found cloths of children from the bag

of the person whose identity has been withheld.

The woman who accused the person of abducting her son

from Ujjain hails from Bedawali in Jhabua district, and had

come to Meghnagar railway station in search of the missing

child, he said.

"The woman claimed that clothes found in the bag of

the person are that of her missing son," said the ASI.

The suspected child-lifter was taken to the Ujjain

Mahila (women) police station where the woman had lodged a

missing person complaint, he said, adding that further

investigation was on.

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