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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

A bill to replace the Central

Council of Homoeopathy (CCH) with a board of governors and

aimed at bringing accountability and quality in homeopathy

education, was passed by the Rajya Sabha today, amid noisy

opposition protests.

The Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill, which

was passed by a voice vote in the Upper House, replaces the

ordinance promulgated by President in May 18. It was adopted

by the Lok Sabha on July 30.

The HCC regulates homoeopathy education and practice in

the country.

Replying to a short debate, Minister of State for Ayush

Shripad Yesso Naik said "Some malpractices by members of the

council were taking place. However, there were no provisions

in the law to remove them. An Ordinance was brought to take

action against members involved in malpractices."

Till the HCC was reconstituted, a Board of Governors was

constituted by the Centre to exercise the powers of the

Council. The Board met twice and the council held five

meetings, he said.

The Minister also informed the House that as many as 223

homoeopathy colleges have been inspected and 45 of them have

applied for the recognition. A list of colleges for grant of

recognition, has been sent to the government, he said.

The bill also states that homoeopathy medical colleges

set up or opened new courses before the ordinance was

promulgated will have to take recognition from the central

government within a year.

If these colleges fail to get such permission, then the

medical qualifications granted to the students will not be

recognised under the law.

Earlier participating in the debate, Vijaysai Reddy

(YSRCP) sought to know if the government has taken action

against the members allegedly involved in malpractices.

He also sought to know the parameters used to assess the

quality of colleges and the need for colleges to reseek the

central recognition within a year.

Sushil Kumar Gupta (AAP), Ravi Prakash Verma (SP) were

among others who participated in the debate.

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