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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

A private nursing college

here has kicked up a row by allegedly placing curbs on

growing beard citing hygiene, with some students from Kashmir

claiming that it affected their religious beliefs.

The management of the Adarsha College of Nursing said

the move was mainly to promote hygiene but the issue has now

been resolved.

When asked whether the college had passed any order

pertaining to growing beard, a college official told PTI, "No.

It is not true. Already we have sorted it out. Students are

already in the classroom.

There was some misunderstanding between the students

and the management. Now everything is fine."

He said the students were allowed to come sporting


"We have given some direction that they can trim and

come in a good shape," the official said.

According to reports, some students alleged that

they were not allowed to sit in the classroom because they

refused to shave off their beard.

Some students from Kashmir claimed that it affected

their religious beliefs.

They alleged that at the time of joining, the

management did not have any problem with their beard.

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