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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

The call given by Maratha

organisations for shut-down across Maharashtra to press the

demand of reservation received a good response in Nagpur city

today with most shops, offices and schools remaining closed.

A tragedy was averted when police pulled away

protesters lying on tracks just in time before a speeding

train passed on Mankapur railway over-bridge in the city.

Protesters had gathered at the bridge this morning,

and around 12.30 pm, when police arrived on the spot, seven or

eight of them rushed to the tracks and lay down, said

inspector Mahesh Chavan.

Police dragged them away moments before a train

passed, he said.

While most shops, offices, schools and colleges

remained closed in response to the Bandh call by Maratha

organisations, no incident of violence was reported anywhere,

police said.

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