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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K

Sangma today said the government has envisaged a roadmap to

enhance the delivery mechanism, where services for the benefit

of the people are addressed through different means including

adoption of technology.

Delivering a speech after inaugurating a workshop on

enterprise architecture for North Eastern states here, the CM

underlined the importance of e-governance and satellite based

technology to assess flood and other natural calamities and

design a response system to tackle the challenge of such


As politicians and government servants, we should have

a single agenda to serve the people. Our intervention has to

be effective to ensure that best possible, fastest and most

efficient system is adopted for a transparent and accountable

monitoring of schemes and projects for the welfare of the

people, the Chief Minister said.

The government has embarked on a mission for digital

transformation but the challenge lies in sensitization. Unless

and until the public is sensitized on available technology,

its effective use will be negated, Sangma said.

He told the gathering that through video conference the

government was holding review meetings with DCs of all

districts in the state every second Tuesday of the month to

discuss and chart out measure for effective implementation of

schemes and programmes.

The tech-savvy Chief Minister also elaborated on the

importance of IT in governance and an approach for result

oriented IT enabled services for the welfare of common good.

The objective of the workshop was to chart out a long

term vision for India as a Digital Enterprise.

The workshop focused on digital transformation

initiatives as a move towards one citizen one government

vision and build India as a digital enterprise - and was

organised by the North Eastern Council (NEC) in collaboration

with National Informatics Centre (NIC).

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