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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

Meghalaya Governor Ganga Prasad

today said the hill state has ideal conditions for cultivation

of medicinal and aromatic plants.

He was speaking at a workshop on scope of aromatic plants

in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya has ideal conditions for the cultivation of

medicinal and aromatic plants. There is a demand in the global

market for the produce of these medicinal and aromatic plants

and there are immense opportunities in the state for

sustainable expansion in the areas under cultivation for

larger interest of the growers and entrepreneurs, he said.

With the increasing demand of natural essential oils,

aroma products and herbal extracts from medicinal and aromatic

plants, the ability of the farmer or the entrepreneur to

process the plants for value addition and for making high

quality products has opened the possibility of increased

income generation and better quality of life, he said.

Earlier, Additional chief secretary K N Kumar informed

that there are 834 medicinal plants identified in the state

and there is a need to have a compendium of all these plants.

Stressing on the requirement of having Aromatic and

Medicinal plants policy and an Aroma Mission for the larger

protection and conservation of the medicinal plants in the

State, Kumar highlighted the need to have a capacity building

workshop with the Kabiraj of the State.

The Institute of Natural Resource under Meghalaya Basin

Development Authority (MBDA) has planned promotion of

medicinal and aromatic plants related activities in the State

with the aim to introduce, develop and disseminate

technologies for cultivation, promotion and processing among

the growers and entrepreneurs in a time bound manner, MBDA CEO

P Sampath Kumar said.

It is emphasized to introduce only such commercially

viable crops which are suitable to the agro climatic

conditions of the State, he said.

The workshop, organized by the Institute of Natural

Resources at the Raj Bhavan here, was organised with an aim to

provide awareness to the people and young entrepreneurs for

development of entrepreneurial skills in area of essential oil

processing and value addition and to impart knowledge to


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