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PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 20:08 IST India

Vaghji Boda, chairman of National

Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation (NAFED) who had

questioned the BJP government's role in the alleged

groundnut procurement scam in Gujarat, today resigned as a

member of Congress.

He should have refrained from making comments about

the scam at a party event, he said.

"NAFED is a national-level organisation and its

directors are associated with different parties. It was my

mistake to comment about the groundnut (scam) at an event held

under the banner of Congress. In the interest of NAFED, I

hereby resign from Congress," Boda said in his resignation


Yesterday, Boda had said that although the Gujarat

State Co-Operative Cotton Federation (GUJCOT) is a bankrupt

entity, it was chosen by the state to procure groundnuts from

farmers on behalf of NAFED.

He made the comment at a meeting of Tankara tehsil

Congress Committee in Morbi district.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel then accused Boda of

shirking the responsibility for the alleged scam.

Gujarat Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi today

admitted that Boda was a Congress member, though "not actively

involved in party affairs".

"He has resigned because of the ongoing blame-game.

Just like Congress, Boda too wanted a free and fair probe in

the scam. He has resigned in NAFED's interest," Doshi said.

Doshi also said that Boda and his son are more close

to BJP leaders of Rajkot and Morbi.

State BJP chief Jitu Vaghani said he will request the

state government to set up an inquiry against Boda for his

alleged involvement.

Leader of Opposition and Congress leader Paresh

Dhanani avoided naming Boda because of his party affiliations,

Vaghani alleged.

"Boda had fought Assembly polls twice on Congress

ticket...Dhanani never said a single word about him and always

attacked BJP to divert the issue," said Vaghani.

Rajkot police have arrested 27 persons, including

officials of NAFED and GUJCOT, after government-procured

groundnuts stored at a godown at Pedhla were found to be

adulterated with stones and soil.

The matter came to light when the traders who had

purchased the groundnuts refused to accept delivery of

sub-standard stocks from warehouses.

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