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New funding under the Plan Juncker EIB supports the development of the airport in La Reunion Roland Garros

This is a significant European funding EUR 100 million in support to the strategic development of Reunion airport over the period 2017-2022, with the objective of having sustainable infrastructure, efficient and adapted to the future growth of the estimated traffic to 3 million passengers on the horizon 2025.

EIB Last Updated at 14 Jun 2018, 20:06 IST France
New funding under the Plan Juncker EIB supports the development of the airport in La Reunion Roland Garros
  • Particularly innovative and unique in the world, the new terminal will be financed designed bioclimatic way to reduce the environmental impact of the airport platform. (Image Credit: Twitter)

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the Bank of the European Union and the airport of Reunion Roland Garros today announced the conclusion of a financing of EUR 100 million to support and support the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the airport of La Réunion named WELCOME in a triple performance objective, safety and environmental friendliness. The partnership agreement was signed today at Roland Garros airport by William Branlat, CEO of SA Airport Roland Garros Reunion and Ambroise Fayolle, Vice-President of the EIB, who then visited the infrastructures airport.

"Roland Garros Airport wants to increase its role of creating value and integrated economic infrastructure in the service of its territory Branlat said William, president of the airport company. We position ourselves as a major player in the development of the island, supporting the opening of new lines (+ 10% connectivity = + 0.5% of GDP, 100,000 additional passengers = 100 jobs direct and 400 jobs indirect). "And affirm " in making evolve our infrastructure to carry the capacity of the platform at 3.2 million passengers by year (against 2.3 million today), we will develop its attractiveness for new operators. Roland Garros Airport is also planning the creation of an aviation hub that will include maintenance, training and technology transfer. "

"This is a major funding for an iconic, regional and European airport project at a time, focusing on one performance objective, innovation and environmentally stressed Ambroise Fayolle, Deputy Chairman of the EIB during the signing. Accompanying the development of the airport Roland Garros, we are strengthening the economic attractiveness of an area while offering users a reception and high-quality security service. "He added:" With this new funding, Juncker Plan, defined and implemented by the EIB is the bank of the European Union, continues his rise to power in France and in the overseas territories. Since the launch of the Plan, and 124 are operations that have been approved for projects with high economic and social impact for the territory, which generate 42.7 billion euros of additional investments on French territory. "

The Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cre u ţ added, "The EU has always bridged the geographical distance that separates its outermost regions, such as the Meeting, by a near heart. This is the foundation of our privileged partnership. With Juncker Plan, today kilometres who we away are reduced with the extension of airport Roland Garros. I welcome of This project will have an undeniably positive impact on the economy of the island and the quality of life of Reunion. "

This funding has the European Fund contest for strategic investments, the central element of the Investment Plan for Europe, more commonly called Juncker Plan. The airport can thus benefit from attractive financial conditions adapted to the sector and the nature of investment with a loan period set at 19 years. It will also benefit from a long period of availability of funds in line with the project implementation period. This funding should reinforce other investors for further investments Airport.

This major European support aims to support the modernization and the transfer of Roland Garros airport as part of its 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, in full consistency with the strategic orientations of the airport development set by the French Government. This funding will concretely alleviate the current traffic congestion and improve the environmental performance and safety of existing infrastructure by including the design of a fully bioclimatic terminal, expansion and reconfiguration of the existing passenger terminal building the breakwater of one of the tracks and the construction of four new areas of security end of track (RESA), the resizing of the access road and car parking, including a mode of transportation to site clean.

The design of a bioclimatic terminal is particularly innovative. Based on the methodology proposed by PREBAT Meeting and carried by ADEME, a longtime partner of its environmental projects, the terminal will be a thermal zoning of the building, which will determine which areas should be ventilated or air-conditioned, depends on the season.

Trusted partner of the territory for many years, the EIB Group has invested nearly USD 1.5 billion in Reunion in support to infrastructure development, growth and employment in the region. This new funding brings to 124 the number of operations approved by the EIB Group in France as part of the Investment Plan for Europe said, "Juncker map" for a total funding of 7.4 billion euros.

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