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PTI kolkata India
Updated: 10-11-2018 00:14 IST

The guard of Howrah-Digha AC

Express had a providential escape on Friday, as the train

started moving while he was attending to a glitch in the air

pipe between two compartments under the rake.

South Eastern Railway spokesman Sanjoy Ghosh said that

an enquiry has been ordered into the incident, which took

place at around 11.30 am.

The train reportedly stopped shortly after it left

Howrah station, owing to possible chain pulling and the guard

went to inspect the situation.

On finding that the air pressure in the brake system

had dropped, he started mending it, when the train started

moving again with the hapless guard holding on to the pipe, as

shown in a video clip shot by a bystander.

"It is possibly a case of miscommunication between the

driver of the train and the guard," Ghosh said.

The train was made to halt by RPF personnel alerting

passengers to pull the chain, and the guard escaped unhurt, he


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