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PTI kochi India
Updated: 10-11-2018 18:29 IST

Call to maintain sustainability of marine resources

Kochi, Nov 10 (PTI): The two-day conference of fisheries

ministers of southern states began at the Central Marine

Fisheries Research Institute here Saturday with a call to

maintain the sustainability of marine resources through

effective intervention of the union government.

Inaugurating the conference, Kerala Chief Minister

Pinarayi Vijayan urged the Centre to provide "liberal

assistance" to boost deep sea fishing by equipping traditional


"The Kerala government plans to introduce new schemes to

enhance the skills and capabilities of traditional fishermen

to undertake and popularise deep sea fishing. But assistance

from the Union government is required to ensure that this

plan materialises," he said.

The Chief Minister sought the Centre's intervention to

develop a holistic plan for the utilisation of Exclusive

Economic Zone (EEZ) resources, taking into consideration the

requirements of coastal states and Union Territories.

In a bid to resolve the issue of over-exploitation and

inter-state conflicts, Vijayan suggested that the Centre, the

states and Union Territories act together to agree upon the

management policies and measures for a sustainable utilisation

of living resources in the EEZ.

Explaining the strategy to bolster deep sea fishing, he

said the government also intends to modernise the existing

indigenous deep sea fishing fleet, introduce new indigenous

deep sea fishing vessels through fishermen's' cooperatives and

Self Help Groups and provide on board training and linkages to

fishermen to boost markets and exports.

"Steps will be taken to ensure that such initiatives

comply with the international regulations relating to fishing

in the EEZ and beyond, Vijayan said.

The Chief Minister stressed the need for collective

thinking and formulation of common strategies among states and

Union Territories for the effective and sustainable growth of

fisheries sector in every region.

He also said that the Centre should take actions for

providing legislative support to ensure that the lives and

livelihoods of the traditional fishermen are not adversely

impacted by developmental activities.

Kerala fisheries minister J Mercykutty Amma,who presided,

expressed concern over the National Marine Fisheries Policy

(NMFP), saying she believes that it pushes for private

investments in deep sea fishing and allows public-private

partnership (PPP) in the marine fisheries sector.

"The state is of the firm view that instead of the PPP

model, the traditional deep sea fishermen must be trained and

equipped to undertake deep sea fishing through fisheries

cooperative societies", she said.

She suggested a uniform trawling ban during the South

West monsoon period all along the West Coast.

However, the minister made it clear that traditional

fishing craft and modified traditional crafts should be

permitted for fishing during the ban period.

Fisheries ministers and senior officials from

Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,

Kerala, Puducherry, Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar are

attending the meet.

The two-day conference will also host a special

stakeholder meet on Sunday in which representatives of

fishermen and seafood exporters will attend.

The meet has been jointly organised by the Fisheries

Department, CMFRI, CIFT and KUFOS.

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