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2 arrested in Kerala for arson

IANS thiruvananthapuram India
Updated: 10-11-2018 20:41 IST
The Kerala Police on Saturday arrested two arsonists for a blaze at a plastic factory here 10 days back that caused a loss of nearly Rs 500 crore to the company.

The two arrested -- Vimal, 19, and Binuat, 39, were helpers at the factory and have confessed to their crime, Assistant Commissioner of Police R. Anilkumar told IANS.

On October 31, the fire that broke out at around 7.30 p.m. at the Family Plastics burnt it down to the ground.

On November 1, when the blaze was finally extinguished by a 25-fire truck brigade, the popular plastic bucket producing company was completely gutted. There was, however, no casualty.

"The two employees who worked at the company as helpers were angry after the employers cut professional tax from their salary. They were detained on Friday," said Anilkumar.

The officer said the arson was well-planned. Two days ahead of the major blaze, there was a minor fire incident. It was identified as a short circuit.

The arrested worked in the day shift on October 31 and left the factory around 7 p.m.

"They expected the blaze on October 31, might be taken as another short circuit. However, CCTV visuals helped us to zero in on the two.

"During the questioning they confessed they were the ones who left a plastic material burning inside the store that caused the blaze," added Anilkumar.

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