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AAP govt has insulted people from Poorvanchal: Maken

IANS new delhi India
Updated: 10-11-2018 21:44 IST
THe Delhi Congress on Saturday targeted the ruling Aam Aadmi Pary (AAP) for allegedly asking the Chhat Puja Samiti to put pictures of ministers and legislators at ghats to receive funds.

Chhat Puja Samiti is the committee responsible for making arrangements for Chhat -- a four-day Hindu festival -- in Delhi, for which this year about 1,000 Ghats had been built.

Delhi has about 40 lakh voters from Poorvanchal -- people from eastern Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar -- who celebrate Chhat. This year festival begins on November 10.

Calling the alleged order from Delhi government as "insult to the poorvanchalis", Delhi Congress Chief Ajay Maken said that by doing "dirty politics" the AAP government has "lowered the prestige of a sacred festival".

"It was very unfortunate that puja samitis are being asked to put up the photos of AAP government Ministers and MLAs at the ghats else they would not be given any funds," Maken said at a press conference.

Maken criticised the AAP government and the BJP-led municipal corporations of Delhi for bad arrangements and lack of preparations for the festival.

Taking a dig at BJP Chief Manoj Tiwari, Maken said despite being from Poorvanchal, Tiwari did not ensure that fresh water is released in the Yamuna from Haryana for the festival.

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