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Lynching of Muslims over cow-smuggling allegations not stopped forthwith

Lynching in the name of cow could lead to another partition: PDP MP Baig

PTI Last Updated at 28 Jul 2018, 18:07 IST India

Senior PDP leader and Lok Sabha member from Baramulla Muzaffar Hussain Baig today warned of another partition of India if lynching of Muslims over cow-smuggling allegations were not stopped forthwith.

He was addressing a rally to mark the People's Democratic Party's (PDP) 19th foundation day here.

Referring to the incidents of mob lynching in the name of cow vigilantism, Baig said, "We want to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that killing of Muslims in the name of cow be stopped. One partition has already taken place in 1947, (but) more could take place if these continue."

He said the PDP had allied with the BJP not for power but to ensure that justice was done to Muslims across the country and to the Kashmiri people.

"We allied with the BJP so that they can trust Muslims. We allied with the BJP so that justice is done to Muslims and Kashmiris and talks with Pakistan can take place," he added.

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