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National Anthem Awareness Campaign will teach people to sing fluently

It will have noted musicians on board and will lead a huge procession of folk artistes and volunteers, the organisers said.

PTI Last Updated at 08 Aug 2018, 19:08 IST India

A unique National Anthem Awareness Campaign will be launched fromAugust 15, the country's independence day, to teach people to sing it fluently and flawlessly.

Former Karnataka Lokayukta and former Supreme Court judge justice Santosh Hegde will lead the campaign, to be organized by Indira Foundation and` Rahstrageete Jagruti Abhiyana Samiti. A specially designed national anthem Rath will run on the city roads.

It will have noted musicians on board and will lead a huge procession of folk artists and volunteers, the organizers said. The chariot will travel around 40 kilometers in T Dasarahalli Assembly constituency here and will stop at around 72 important junctions. At each of these junctions, the volunteers would distribute the pamphlets to the local people.

"The purpose of this event is to make people understand the importance of our national anthem and when to give respect to it. The national anthem is connected with patriotism. We are starting this programme from 15th of this month at various places," said Justice Hegde.

Noted litterateur Prof Doddarange Gowda said, "Though people sing the national anthem, many don't know the lyrics properly. People even make mistakes in pronunciations. Hence, we shall distribute the lyrics of the national anthem in both Kannada and English."

V Lokesh Gowda, president of Rahstrageete Jagruti Abhiyana Samiti, said well-known musician Hamsalekha will hoist the tricolor and launch the Rath.

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