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Government school student slapped by teacher in south Delhi

PTI Last Updated at 08 Aug 2018, 21:08 IST India

A 14-year-old government school student was allegedly slapped by his teacher following which he sustained injuries on his ear at south Delhi's Khanpur area, police said today.

The alleged incident took place on July 26, they said.

The student did not tell his parents about the incident after he returned home. Next day, he told about pain in his ear to his mother and narrated the incident.

He was taken to a hospital by his mother, the officer said.

Police were informed about the alleged incident on August 3. However, the victim refused to give a statement to police then but agreed to it on August 7.

The student alleged in his statement to the police that on July 26, during 5th period at the school, he asked the class monitor to provide a duster to clean his desk.

He claimed that the teacher allegedly ordered the monitor not to give him the duster and instead slapped him 2-3 times, following which his ear started bleeding, he said.

A case has been registered and the accused teacher has been arrested, the officer added.

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