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Kesha Agrees to Officiate Same-Sex Wedding

PTI Last Updated at 11 Aug 2018, 17:08 IST United States

Los Angeles, Aug 11 (PTI) Singer Kesha will be officiating a same-sex couple's wedding after they asked the pop star to marry them.

The "Tik-Tok" hitmaker was at the premiere of her new documentary "Rainbow: The Film" at the Metrograph in New York when a couple, who she had previously been posing for pictures with, asked her to marry them.

The conversation was recorded on camera and posted on TMZ as the unidentified pair said, "We want you to officiate our wedding."

To which Kesha replied, "Well I do that! I do officiate, when are you getting married?"

The girls said, "Whenever you're free!"

The 31-year-old singer giggled and replied, "Well I'm going on tour but yeah I do officiate weddings. That's so sweet. This man and these ladies, they do my schedule. Are you engaged? Congratulations! That's so cute."

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