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Naagin 3: Vishakha and Vikrant to marry

Devdiscourse News Desk Last Updated at 10-11-2018 22:31:43 IST India
Naagin 3: Vishakha and Vikrant to marry
  • Image Credit: Voot

Nagin 3 today's episode starts with Maahir showing rooms to all the guest and Vyom was talking to Bela regarding his wedding with Yuvi. Bela takes withdraws her hand uncomfortably and Mahir comes back. He leaves the room with Bela asking the guests to get comfortable

In the next scene, Vikrant talks to her mother regarding Naagmani.

Vyom was searching for Bela. Vyom comes near Bela and kisses on her forehead and till the time Bela opens her eyes he transforms and flies. Soon Maahir arrives at her bedroom and Bela runs and hugs him.

In the next scene, Maahir expresses her discomfort about her Haldi with Yuvi and Bela tries to make him understand the situation. Vyom goes to Maahir and subtly digs at him by saying that your wife will be now your brother's wife.

In the next scene, the Haldi ceremony starts and Yuvi tells Maahir to apply Haldi on him. Maahir and Bela dance on a romantic track Main Hoon Saath Tere and he applies Haldi on her.

Let tomorrow episode decide whether Bela will kill Maahir or not?

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