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Farmers demand 6-month power billing cycle for them

The plea agreement also calls for the 67-year-old Patel to make cash restitution and liquidate some of his assets.

PTI Last Updated at 06 Aug 2018, 23:08 IST India
Farmers demand 6-month power billing cycle for them

A peasants' body here today sought the introduction of a six-month electricity billing cycle for the farmers instead of the present monthly one, saying they were unable to meet the burden every month.

The 'Khet Bachao, Kisan Bachao yatra' convenor Nagendra Singh raised the demand during a farmers' meeting here in the district and threatened that the farmers would stop paying the bill if the six-month billing cycle was not introduced for them by August 20.

"We demand from the government to prepare bills for farmers every six months instead of every month for their convenience. They are not able to deposit the bills every month," he said.

The government should take a positive decision on the issue, or else a 'bijli band' agitation would be launched and no farmer would deposit the electricity bill, he said.

He said under the yatra, several meetings of farmers were held in nearly 150 villages in Jaipur district in which their issues were discussed.

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