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No ads in newspapers for work tenders: Railway Board

PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 18:08 IST India

Railways have done away with the practice of publishing advertisements of work tenders in newspapers for procurement, according to an order of the railway board.

The order issued today said that since the national transporter was e-tendering its works contracts there was no longer any need to issue the ads in newspapers.

This measure was adopted to primarily cut out the massive expenditure incurred by the government on advertisements in papers and magazines, officials said.

"Now, GFR 2017 (general financial rules) have done away with the need for publishing an advertisement in newspapers for procurement.

"With the implementation of e-tendering in railway contracts through IREPS, the board has decided to discontinue the requirement of newspaper advertisement of work tenders invited through e-procurement website (IREPS)," the order said.

The board has, however, stipulated that the date of publishing the tender on railways' website should be treated as the date of publication of tender notice for the purpose of calculation of sufficient notice period for tender.

Any instruction requiring the minimum number of days for tender opening from the date of publication of tender invitation in print/media/journal shall now be the same minimum number of days required from the date of uploading in e-procurement website, it said.

Last year in May, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had issued an advisory stating that the amended GFR 2017 has done away with the need for publishing advertisements in newspapers for procurement of goods and services.

E-publishing of advertisement on CPPP at and on government e-marketplace has been made mandatory as per the amended GR 2017.

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