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Army organises weapon and equipment display for students in Jammu

PTI Last Updated at 10 Aug 2018, 20:08 IST India

Jammu, Aug 10 (PTI) The Army organised a weapon and equipment display for students and youth at the Zorawar auditorium here today.

The display organised by the Tiger Division was attended by a large number of visitors from across all age groups, a defence spokesperson said.

Besides the weapons display, a stall showcasing various options for the youth to join the armed forces attracted much attention, he added.

Military display of weapons has been a methodology to instil a sense of pride and faith in the custodians of national security in the heart and minds of the local populace, he added.

The Tiger Division is stationed in and around some of the most thickly populated regions of the state and regularly conducts events that bolster public support, which has time and again proved to be a crucial force multiplier.

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