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Four held for sex trafficking 16-yr-old girl

Four persons, including a woman, were arrested for their alleged involvement in trafficking of a 16-year-old girl, the police said today.

PTI Last Updated at 29 Jul 2018, 00:07 IST India

Four persons, including a woman, were arrested for their alleged involvement in trafficking of a 16-year-old girl, the police said today.

The accused have been identified as Ravi (32), Rinki (20), Rohit (22) and Mukesh (25), they added.

On July 30, a case of kidnapping of a 16-year-old was registered in outer Delhi's Sultanpuri police station by her family, Seju P Kuruvilla, Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer Delhi) said.

During the investigation, it was learned that the victim was with by one Abhishek (18). On July 21, the victim contacted her mother and informed that she was in Rohini. Her mother visited the place and brought her to the police station. She was medically examined and her statement was recorded, he said.

In her statement to the police, the victim alleged that she was lured by Abhishek who took her Haridwar, where he sexually exploited her. After four days, they returned to Delhi and stayed at Old Delhi railway station platform where they met one Ravi who assured them a job and shelter.

He then took them to his house in Ghaziabad. Next day, Abhishek went with Ravi for the job and never returned. Ravi then came home and informed the victim he has arranged a job for Abhishek and that he would return the next day.

The same night, Ravi's wife Rinky left the house, leaving the victim alone with her husband. Ravi then sexually exploited the victim at his house. The next morning when Rinky returned, the victim narrated her the incident but she ignored and gave her food.

After consuming food, the victim became drowsy following which two other men identified as Intezar and Heena reached there. They then took her to Rohini where they handed over her to one Ashok Goyal who allegedly confined her in his spa and massage center in Rohini with the help of his two associates Rohit and Mukesh. Goyal allegedly sexually exploited her and forced her to make a relationship with his clients, the DCP said.

On the basis of victims statement, a police team was formed, following which Abhishek was apprehended.

During the investigation, Abhishek admitted that he took the victim to Haridwar and even made a sexual relationship with her.

Ravi and Rinky were arrested from their residence in Ghaziabad who admitted that they had "sold" the victim with the help of Intezar, his wife Heena and one of his relative Vicky, the officer said.

Subsequently, a police team reached Goyal's said spa and massage center where the victim was confined and allegedly raped and arrested his two associates Rohit and Mukesh, he added.

Police have been trying to trace the other accused -- Goyal, Vicky, Intezar and his wife Heena -- who are still absconding, he said.

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