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Amit Shah accuses Opposition says TMC sees vote bank in NRC

The BJP is not doing politics over it and its stand has been consistent on the issue of whether in power or in opposition, Amit Shah said.

PTI Last Updated at 31 Jul 2018, 19:07 IST India

BJP president Amit Shah today asked opposition parties to take a clear stand on the National Register of Citizens issue in Assam and not indulge in vote bank politics, asserting that NRC will be implemented "to the last full stop" as his party stands for national security and Indians' rights.

Dismissing criticism by parties like the Congress and the Trinamool Congress (TMC), Shah told a press conference that the process for NRC, whose mandate is to identify illegal immigrants, was started in 2005 when the UPA was in power, but the government lacked the courage "to throw out illegal Bangladeshis".

"It (NRC) will be implemented to the last full stop and comma," he said.

Taking on West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, who has accused the BJP of pursuing a 'divide and rule' policy, Shah alleged that she saw a "vote bank" in illegal immigrants while his party was looking at the security of the country and rights of its citizens.

No Indian citizen should be concerned and natives of any other state living in Assam would not be touched, he said, adding, NRC must be implemented firmly and fairly.

The BJP has seized on the issue that resonates with its broader agenda of nationalism and Hindutva to corner opposition parties in the election year, with Shah pitching the party as one standing for rights of Indians as opposed to its rivals who are concerned with the rights of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

"The BJP is committed to the national security and safety of its citizens. This is our top priority. All other parties should clarify their stand," he said.

He said the NRC is the soul of the Assam accord which the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had signed and it clearly stipulates that every single illegal immigrant would be identified and his name struck off the voters list.

However, several Congress governments which ruled at the center and the state lacked the courage to implement it.

The Supreme Court later stepped in and the Modi government started the process, he said, adding that the apex court is monitoring the entire exercise.

"I want to ask the Congress why you are questioning the NRC for vote bank. The Congress started the NRC process in 2005. But you lacked the courage to throw out illegal Bangladeshi immigrants because vote bank was important for you, not national security and rights of citizens," he said.

It is a matter of "grave sorrow" that no party apart from the BJP found it fit to say that illegal immigrants have no place in this country.

The BJP is not doing politics over it and its stand has been consistent on the issue of whether in power or in opposition, he said.

The Congress has a habit of changing its stand, he alleged and took a dig at its president Rahul Gandhi, asking him to remember his grandmother and former prime minister Indira Gandhi's statements that illegal immigrants have no place in India.

Asked about human rights concerns raised by some parties and rights bodies, he said he is concerned about the rights of India citizens whose resources were being grabbed by illegal immigrants.

He also condemned Banerjee for her warning that there could be civil war and bloodbath, saying the country was divided once in the name of civil war.

"She should clarify what kind of civil war she is talking about," he said.

Asked about a demand of West Bengal BJP leaders for an NRC in the state, Shah said the NRC is presently confined to Assam and the party will take a stand on such issues at an appropriate time.

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