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HC Notice to Raj Pollution Control Board on Pollution in Canals

PTI Last Updated at 09 Aug 2018, 22:08 IST India

The Rajasthan High Court has issued a notice to the state pollution control board seeking its reply within four weeks on efforts to stop pollution in Rajasthan and Gang canals.

A bench of justices Nirmaljit Kaur and Dinesh Mehta issued the notice while hearing a PIL which claimed the "rampant pollution" in the canal water was posing a "severe health hazard" to people and livestock.

"This water, coming from Punjab, has been carrying industrial effluent from the tanneries, steel industries and other industries from Punjab which use hazardous chemicals. Mostly, these industries are located on the banks of the rivers and the hazardous effluent of these industries is openly dropped into the rivers," said petitioner counsel D K Gaur.

This polluted and highly toxic water is making its way to Rajasthan and Gang canals entering Rajasthan from Sri Ganganagar. About 19 districts, which are dependent on the water from these canals have been witnessing a spurt in the incidence of cancer, he said.

"No seriousness has been exhibited by any of the governments' spite of this water causing severe health hazards not only to the human being but cattle also," Gaur alleged.

Protests against the toxic water have also taken place in some districts, the petitioner claimed.

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