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The deep web challenge: YouTubers unboxing mystery boxes from the dark web

A new weirdest challenge called "the Deep Web Challenge" is circulating in YouTube where YouTubers purchase ‘Mystery boxes’ filled with random objects from the darknet markets, using bitcoin.

Devdiscourse News Desk Last Updated at 12 Aug 2018, 02:08 IST

The invisible part of the Internet, called the dark web is not a very familiar term for much of the Internet users. It is entirely different from the internet we use and isn't accessible through standard web browsers like Chrome or Internet Explorer. Dark web is the part of the web where hackers, scammers, pedophiles, criminals, and killers lurk. In fact, the murky world of dark web is the breeding ground for a vast range of illegal activities like forging fake identities, selling drugs and deadly weapons, human trafficking, pornography and much more.

Since, identities and locations of darknet users stay anonymous and cannot be tracked due to the layered encryption system, which makes it quite easy for people with malicious intentions to indulge in illegal activities. Additionally, Bitcoins allow criminals to carry out the dark net marketing which makes it difficult to track illegal funds earned from dark web marketing.

However, it also provides a platform for whistleblowers, law enforcement agencies, and journalists to communicate and disseminate information, without worrying about their identity and privacy.

The dark web also hosts special markets called "darknet markets", where illegal products are bought and sold every day, which are paid for in the electronic cash or cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Darknet markets gained much attention with the popularity of Silk Road and Diabolus Market and their shutdown by legal authorities.

A new weirdest challenge called "the Deep Web Challenge" is circulating in YouTube where YouTubers purchase 'Mystery boxes' filled with random objects from the darknet markets, using bitcoin. In the next step, the YouTubers upload their unboxing videos. Unlike traditional mystery boxes, these dark web mystery boxes contain illegal and harmful stuff like toxic drugs, body organs, weapons, bloodstained objects, etc.

YouTuber Jude Somers gained more than 6 million views for his unboxing video. He received a package of antibacterial wipes with stinky odor and a note reading, "You might need these." Digging more inside the box he further got random objects like boxing gloves, a Motorola phone, a small bottle filled with unknown liquid, a stinky fleshy object, a pill, aftershave cologne, bloodstained screwdriver and an iPad.

(Video Credit: YouTube/Jude Somers)

The most recent and shocking video of Dark Web mystery unboxings was uploaded by a Canadian Youtuber ImJayStation on August 6, who received a surprise package from the dark web that had body parts and pictures of him being stalked at different places.

(Video Credit: YouTube/ImJayStation

The description of the video said:

"Today ImJaystation received a surprise package from the dark web at his front door! It was another dark web mystery box but this time it was not a box that was ordered. The mystery box had body parts in it and he also found pictures of himself inside the box! This had gone wrong when he looked inside the surprise dark web mystery box. Do not start buying dark web mystery box and this is why! After opening the surprise dark web mystery box ImJaystation uploaded the video right away!"

YouTube is flooded with such videos unboxing mystery boxes from the dark web. However, all clips may not be real; few of them could be staged, just for gaining views and earning money. But, whatever the case may be, these videos are increasing curiosity among people to take up the challenge which could have disastrous consequences.

Not every challenge is worth taking

What could be more stupid than to risk your real life for virtual satisfaction? Just for earning views and digital likes it's pretty pointless to take up such challenges over the dark web. The deep web challenge is not worth the money, not even fun. The risks associated with purchasing mystery boxes go far beyond frauds and security. So it's better to stay away from such deadly challenges.

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