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Fujitsu starts off IoT service platform ‘SMAVIA’ in Japan

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Updated: 26-02-2018 11:20 IST
Fujitsu starts off IoT service platform ‘SMAVIA’ in Japan

Fujitsu Finland customer magazine

Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company Fujitsu has launched its IoT Solution SMAVIA, an IoT utilization service platform upon which data can be put to new uses. It is achieved by linking data stored in various systems throughout a supply chain, such as data stored in sales and inventory management, transportation and delivery, and sensor data, such as employee location information and vital signs.

The platform aggregates and integrates into the cloud data stored in various operations systems, combining it with sensor data from people, things, and the environment at on-site locations, such as distribution warehouses. The service platform enables users to address labor shortages, an issue in retail and distribution, and to implement optimal improvement measures to maximize sales by analyzing data such as the status of sales and inventory, logistics costs, and the work efficiency of employees.

SAMAVIA comprises of two components. The primary component is Fujitsu IoT Solution SMAVIA Platform, which aggregates data from operational systems and from IoT devices such as sensors, and provides Fujitsu's proprietary algorithms via APIs for such functions as optimizing distribution inventory and visualizing the efficiency of employees. The second is the one comprising data utilization services that analyze, visualize, and support improvements in customer processes based on that data.

The company has planned to roll out the IoT service platform globally in the future.