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Department of Education promulgates opinions and norms

Define the "school district." School districts refer to the areas that are defined for school-age children and teenagers to enter school.

Department of Education promulgates opinions and norms
Provide priority protection for school-age children and children who have moved into the school district according to law. (Image credit: OWHA)

In order to further regulate the enrollment order, safeguard education equity, and promote social harmony, the Education Department of Zhejiang Province recently promulgated the Opinions on Further Regulating the Division, Adjustment, and Enrollment of Public Schools in the Compulsory Education Stage, and will publish it on May 1, 2018, as per wzrb.com.

In recent years, the Ministry of Education successively issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Advancing Entrance Examination for Primary Schools into Junior High Schools" and "Notice on Further Completion of Compulsory Education in Key Large Cities without Examing Nearest Admission to Local Universities".

Accordign to wzrb.com, Notice of Admissions and Admissions Work, "Notice of Doing a Good Job on Enrollment for Compulsory Education in 2017" and "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Enrollment for Ordinary and Elementary Schools in 2018" and other documents, determine the method of dicing scientifically and reasonably determine the extent of the area. We must improve the work mechanism of dicing, curb the fever of "school district housing," try to enroll in schools nearby, prohibit non-compliance enrollment, and conduct propaganda and guidance work.

According to the report of wzrb.com:

What are the explicit requirements of the Opinions for reasonably determining the scope of the school district?

1. Define the "school district." School districts refer to the areas that are defined for school-age children and teenagers to enter school.

2. Further clarified the main body responsible for the delineation of school districts in public schools during the compulsory education period. The school districts of public schools in the compulsory education stage are responsible for the demarcation of the county (city, district) educational administrative department. At the same time, the principles, considerations, and foundations for the delineation of public school districts in the compulsory education stage have been further clarified.

The Opinion emphasizes that in view of the uneven distribution of the population and school layout in some localities and the irregular shape of the neighborhood, the proximity of school does not mean that the straight-line distance has recently entered the school. It is necessary to fully consider the key factors that may affect fairness and determine the relatively scientific division rules for school districts to ensure that school-age children and adolescents are relatively close to the school as a whole.

What are the requirements of the Opinions for improving the division and adjustment of school districts?

1. The education administrative department shall strictly divide the school districts, adjust the work procedures, and improve the working mechanisms for the participation of all stakeholders, expert argumentation, risk assessment, legality review, collective decision-making school district division, and adjustment.

Division of the school district, adjustment of preliminary plans to widely solicit comments from relevant units and interest groups; if there is disagreement on the preliminary plan and it is difficult to reach an agreement through consultation, a hearing shall be organized; if the plan involves a wide range or the public pays special attention, it is necessary to do risk assessment .

2. The necessary transition period should be established for the division and adjustment of school districts. The newly-built school districts or school districts should be adjusted six months in advance of the enrollment of public schools, announced to the public, and leave reasonable expectations for the society.

What are the specifications of the "Opinions" on the relevant procedures for the recruitment of family members?

1. Defined the "household student". Household registration refers to school-age children and teenagers who have household registration in the school district.

2. School-age children and adolescents are enrolled in schools near the place where they are registered. Educational administrative departments and compulsory education public schools cannot arbitrarily expand the scope of their nearest enrollment.

Cannot refuse to accept school-aged children and adolescents who have household registration in the school district to participate in the journals, protect school-age children who have reached the age of 6 by the end of August 31 of the same year, and provide priority protection for school-age children and children who have moved into the school district according to law.

What are the requirements of the "Opinions" for public school districts, admissions, and other related information?

As early as 2012, Zhejiang took the lead in implementing the "Sunshine Enrollment" policy for compulsory education in the country. Compulsory education has fully implemented plans for admissions admission, conditions disclosure, process disclosure, and results disclosure. The "Opinions" mainly emphasizes two points on open school districts, admissions, and other related information:

1. Education administrative departments in various regions shall take the initiative to publicize and publish the school districts of public schools in the compulsory education stage on the platforms of local education portals, etc., and make it easy for the people to search for them at any time. If the school districts have adjustments and changes, they must promptly be available in local media and websites. It was announced to the community.

2. Upon receiving reports or discovering that real estate development companies are misleading in their involvement with school districts, educational administrative departments and related schools shall take the initiative to clarify, promptly stop, and transfer them to related departments to investigate and punish them in accordance with law.

According to the Notice of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China on Implementing the Enrollment of Regular Primary and Secondary Schools in 2018, which strictly enforces the "10 prohibited" discipline requirements, the "Opinion" emphasizes the "Strictly forbidden" for enforcing enrollment in public schools during the compulsory education stage, as per wzrb.com.

Discipline, that is, the prohibition of non-planned and over-planned organization of enrollment is forbidden; public schools and private schools are forbidden to combine enrollment and mixed classes; any school is strictly prohibited from collecting or disguisedly collecting "donation grants" linked to enrollment; the establishment of schools for compulsory education is strictly prohibited.

According to wzrb.com, nominal key classes and classes are forbidden; junior high schools are forbidden to rank students for the middle school entrance examination, promote the top-secondary school entrance examination, and go to school; it is forbidden for the education administration to rank the school entrance examination and to provide schools with non-institutional school entrance examination result data.

The phenomena of separation of people's status, suspension of student status, and falsification of student status must not be used to transfer students and non-compliance transfer students who violate regulations.



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