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PTI hyderabad India
Updated: 10-10-2018 21:01 IST

Pitching for a change of

government in election-bound Telangana, BJP president Amit

Shah said Wednesday neither the ruling TRS nor the main

opposition Congress can give a push to development in the


He also asserted that if voted to power after the Lok

Sabha polls next year, the government under Prime Minister

Narendra Modi will ensure "not a single infiltrator" was left

in the country.

"Telangana's development is not possible either under

KCR (caretaker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao) family or

(Congress chief) RahulBaba. They are into break in India

while (Narendra) Modiji pursues the policy of make in India,"

Shah told a public rally here.

The BJP is testing the electoral waters of Telangana

alone for the first time after playing a second fiddle to the

TDP, which broke away from the NDA recently, for several


The BJP president said the Congress, with is support

base shrinking drastically, was incapable of becoming an

alternative to the TRS.

"Is Congress an alternative to the TRS? The Congress

under Rahul Gandhi's leadership has not been able to win state

elections. Today, ifyou want to see the Congress, you will

have to use magnifying glasses," Shah said, ridiculing Gandhi

over a string of electoral reverses since the BJP assumed

power at the Centre.

The TRS, Shah said, had failed to keep promises it

made to the people of Telangana.

"KCR made 150 promises before the 2014 assembly polls

but fulfilled not one. He promised he will make a dalit the

chief minister but did not honour it. Dalit of Telangana is

not on his list. His son (minister K T Ramarao) or daughter

(MP K Kavitha) will be made the chief minister," he said.

The BJP chief also raked up the issue of the National

Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam, and said if voted to

power again, the Modi government will push every infiltrator

out of the country.

"Bring the Modi government (back) again in 2019...Let

there be no infiltrator in the country. The Bharatiya Janata

Party government will make sure that not a single infiltrator

is left," he said.

Targeting BJP's bitter critic and Hyderabad Lok Sabha

MP Asaduddin Owaisi of the AIMIM, Shah said it was the saffron

party alone that could fight people like him and not the TRS,

TDP or the Congress.

Shah also criticised TRS chief Rao for not celebrating

September 17, the day the erstwhile Nizam's state merged with

the Indian Union, as "Hyderabad Liberation Day".

"Due to fear of Owaisi andfor Muslim vote bank

Chandrasekhar Rao stopped celebrating Hyderabad Liberation

Day," he said.

Shah flayed Rao for advancing the assembly polls

which, he claimed, put a burden of hundred of crores of rupees

on the common man.

"Early elections are being held in Telangana out of

the fear of (Narendra) Modi," he asserted.

He claimed the KCR government did not join the Modi

government's affordable health insurance scheme 'Ayushman

Bharat' as it feared the prime minister's popularity will soar

even further.

Repeatedly referring to the Rao government's failure

to keep its pre-poll promises, Shah said none of them,

including three acres of land for poor Dalit families,

creation of one lakh government jobs and 2-bedroom houses for

the poor was fulfilled.

He asked the electorate to vote BJP to power in

Telangana so the state could prosper like those ruled by the

saffron party.

Shah also addressed a meeting of booth-level BJP

functionaries in Hyderabad where the strategy for the assembly

polls was discussed. The meeting was out of bounds for the


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