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PTI nagapatt India
Updated: 11-10-2018 21:00 IST

The Tercentenary

of the New Jerusalem Church, believed to be Asia's first

Protestantchurch at Tarangambadi in the district, was

celebrated Thursday.

Pastors from over 50 important churches the world

over participated in the celebrations organised by the Tamil

Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC).

The Jerusalem Church was built in 1707 by

BartholomeusZiegenbalg, a German-born Danish missionary, who

arrived at Tarangambadi in 1706.

He had dedicated the church specifically for local

Tamils and conducted all prayers in Tamil.

The church, which was functioning from a small

building near the seashore, was damaged when a tsuanmi struck

Tranquebar on November 27, 1715.

Ziegenbalg then decided to build a new church nearby.

The New Jerusalem Church, built on Danish

architectural style, was inaugurated this day 300 years ago.

To commemorate the completion of the tercentenary, the

TELC had organisedcelebrations at Tarangambadi Thursday.

Administrator of TELC and former judge of Madras High

Court K Venkatraman inaugurated the celebrations.

German Consul General from Chennai, Karin Stoll, TELC

spiritual head Edwin Jayakumar and CSI Bishop of

Thanjavur-Tiruchirappalli diocese Chandrasekaran,

were among those who took part.

As part of the celebrations, floral tributes were paid

to the statue of Ziegenbalg, who served as the first pastor of

the church.

A procession, followed by special prayers was held.

India posts released a special commemorativecover on

the tercentenary.

The New Jerusalem church also faced tsunami attack on

December26, 2004, but reportedly did not suffer any damage.

It was renovated in 2006 without changing the original


A large number of tourists visit the church every


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