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PTI mumbai India
Updated: 11-10-2018 21:38 IST

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter

India (HMSI), which Thursday launched a digital loyalty

programme, has said it will not join the discount race as it

is looking for a long-term engagement with its customers.

The statement comes in the wake of most automakers

wooing customers with steep discounts to gain volumes during

the ongoing festival season.

"Discounts will deteriorate the value of our products

and more importantly it will also upset the customer who has

purchased the product before the discount was announced. So,

it is not a good idea and we don't want to join the discount

war," said Minoru Kato, president and chief executive officer,


The programme named Honda Joy Club is open to both new

as well as the existing 39 million customers of the company,

at a cost of Rs 299. However, it can be availed for free till

November 30.

"Discount is only to the customers. A loyalty

programme is a long-term engagement with customer, to maximise

a customer's satisfaction. That is our direction," said Kato.

YS Guleria, vice-president for sales and marketing,

HMSI, said the last two months were not that strong from the

demand point of view.

"In such kind of market scenario, there would be some

reactions which are there in the market. But as we understand,

we need to be more resilient and patient, rather than being

reactive, and add more value to the customers, rather than

going into cash discounts," he added.

Guleria said it's the first time that a 100 per cent

digital loyalty programme is empowering customers with choice.

"Now Honda customers enrolling on Joy Club programme

can earn virtual Honda currency at both purchase and

subsequently every service visit too," he added.

Benefits range from complimentary Kisan Samadhan

Services to personal accident insurance cover worth Rs 1 lakh

for three years.

Offers under the redemption include discounts on

hospitality, travel, healthcare, apparel, F&B, entertainment,

personal care, insurance, among others.

Honda's agrarian customers can redeem Honda currency

to buy IFFCO Kisan Samadhan services as well, the firm said.

Kato said Joy Club is unprecedented in its concept,

unparallelled in its scale and unmatched in the rewards for

the customers.

HMSI currently commands 59 per cent market share in

the scooter segment and 14 per cent in the motorcycle market.

India accounts for 32 per cent of the Honda's global

two-wheeler sales.

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