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PTI mumbai India
Updated: 30-10-2018 23:13 IST

The animal husbandry department

of the Maharashtra government has invited farmers to grow

fodder from November onwards for cattle heads in the state,

where 180 talukas are facing a drought-like situation, an

official said Tuesday.

Contract grass production is a state policy which

offers farmers some monetary returns in return for fodder


The animal husbandry department has stated that

requirement of fodder would be around 1.63 lakh tonne of green

fodder and 65,000 tonne of dry variety.

"They are required for the fodder camps which are

going to be set up for cattle. Some 180 tehsils have been

declared as facing a drought-like situation.

"So, 1.95 crore cattle from these tehsils need green

and dry fodder, said the official.

The Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana has sanctioned Rs

10 crore for the same.

"The minimum offer from the government is of Rs 460

for 10 gunthas, while maximum remuneration would be of Rs

4,600 for one hectare land.

"The seed and fertilisers will be given free by the

state," the official said.

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