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PTI ahmedabad India
Updated: 31-10-2018 18:08 IST

Standing on Sadhu Bet, an

islet near Sardar Sarovar Dam, the `Statue Of Unity' in

Narmada district of Gujarat is expected to be a major tourist


It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Believed to be the world's tallest monument, it is

expected to attract around 10,000 tourists daily, a state

government official said.

At 182 metres, the statue of India's first home

minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is twice as tall as the

Statue of Liberty in the US.

Built with cement, steel and an outer bronze cladding,

the statue, which has cost Rs 2,989 crore, has several

attractions for tourists. The nearest major town is Vadodara,

100 km away.

A visitor can take a lift installed inside the statue

which runs at a speed of 4 metres per second to reach a

viewers gallery at a height of 135 metres.

The gallery will offer scenic vistas of the river

Narmada, the dam and the surrounding Satpura range of hills, a

state tourism department official said.

A museum and exhibition hall have been constructed

inside the gigantic structure, depicting the life and times of

India's `Iron Man'.

The tourism department has also constructed a guest

house, `Sreshtha Bharat Bhavan', where tourists can stay.

There will be charges for visitors: Rs 120 per person

for viewing the statue from outside, Rs 350 for visiting the

viewers gallery at 135 metres.

Two Tent Cities with a total of 250 tents along two

lakes near the dam, equipped with modern facilities, are also

being touted as a major attraction, where one can camp in a

natural environment.

Spread across 70,000 square metres, the Tent Cities

will run on green energy, said the official.

A 17-kilometre long `Valley of Flowers' is being

developed along the banks of the river near the statue.

An area of 240 hectares has already been developed in

the first phase of Valley of Flowers project, the official

said. It will feature five nature trails for tourists.

A `Wall of Unity' has also been constructed using the

soil collected from across the country under a campaign

launched by Modi in 2013.

A release from Gujarat chief minister's office said

the monument will be open for tourists from tomorrow.

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