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Dolphins QB Osweiler out to win starting job

Updated: 01-11-2018 04:21 IST

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are averaging just 10.9 points per game -- that's less than a third of what Kansas City averages -- and their scoring prospects are dim with a number of players, including quarterback Josh Allen, sidelined by injury. But head coach Sean McDermott told reporters Wednesday that he's encouraged, despite the team's 2-6 record. "I've been a part of ... once in Philadelphia, once in Carolina, I've been a part of this before. You know, there's challenging moments, especially early. It's always a challenge," he said. "... I know we're getting it turned in the right direction, and I have a vision for this football team. ... I know it's frustrating for our fan base. But I know we're doing things that are right that are going to lead us to that down the road."

Miami Dolphins: Brock Osweiler will start Sunday against the Jets as Ryan Tannehill continues to recover from a shoulder injury. And he told reporters Wednesday that he intends to show head coach Adam Gase that he should stay the starter, even when Tannehill is cleared to play. "I think your mentality in this league is when you get your opportunity to play, you never give that guy his job back," said Osweiler, who is 1-2 as a starter this season. He added: "Every single week is the biggest game out there because this sport is so special and you never know when you're going to get another opportunity. So when you do get the opportunity, shoot, I play every single play like it's my last," said Osweiler, who has six touchdowns, three interceptions and 895 passing yards this season. "I put laser focus on every single play, and I'm playing as hard as I possibly can so hopefully I never have to go back to the bench."

New England Patriots: The Patriots meet Green Bay on Sunday night, and they have the Packers' No. 12 clearly in their sights. "Um, where do I start?" linebackers coach Brian Flores said Wednesday before practice, discussing how the Patriots will prepare for quarterback Aaron Rodgers. "You know, great command of the offense. This is as big a challenge that we've had since I've been here, which is a long time now. He's an incredible leader, tough. You see him get carted off in the Chicago game, come back and bring them back from 20 points down. You know, they are never out of the game with him leading the charge. It's an incredible challenge for us. We're going to have our hands full for sure. It's not just Aaron Rodgers, you know, their entire group: the O-Line, backs and tight ends, you know, everybody makes plays on this offense. ... We're going to have to be at the top of our game. "

New York Jets: Former Jets wide receiver Terrelle Pryor, who signed with the Bills on Tuesday, told reporters Wednesday he didn't think the Jets used him as much as they should have. The Jets released Pryor on Oct. 20, citing a groin tear, but he said he was going to miss only a game. "Let's shut that one down how I was [going to be] out for five or six games," he said. "I was going to miss a game, and then I got cut. So I guess, I don't know if I wasn't a part of their plan, or whatever it was." He said he brought value to the Jets and will to any team. "I can ball," he said. "I can ball, bro. I'm not being cocky. I just know how I study, how I work, and how I practice. I compete at a high level. I expect high things from myself."

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