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BJP makes oblique attack on Cong over Tinsukia killing

PTI guwahati India
Updated: 02-11-2018 19:30 IST

The ruling BJP in Assam Friday indirectly blamed the Congress for the killing of five people in Tinsukia district, saying the incident was a result of the opposition party continuously making provocative statements on sensitive issues such as the NRC and the Citizenship Bill.

Assam BJP president Ranjeet Kumar Dass also criticised a section of media for broadcasting provocative statements uninterruptedly, thereby vitiating the atmosphere.

Dass asked the Assam government to set up a judicial probe into incident on Thursday night, when five people, including three of a family, from a linguistic minority community were killed by gunmen.

Police suspect the gunmen belonged to the ULFA (Independent) faction as they were dressed in battle fatigue, but the outfit has denied its involvement in the attack.

Asked about his own party MLA Shiladitya Dev making provocative statements on communally and linguistically sensitive matters, Dass said he has been asked twice to refrain from making such statements or else the Assam BJP will write to the Parliamentary Board for action against him.

"A section of people and some groups are continuously making provocative statements on sensitive matters like NRC and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. Yesterday's incident is an outcome of that," Dass said at a press conference in Guwahati.

"We doubt that some political parties are behind this. It is done with an aim to hamper peace and derail the development work of the government, but they will not be successful," Dass said.

He said Congress leaders have been making "provocative statements" on National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Bill.

Asked categorically if the BJP sees Congress's involvement in the Tinsukia incident, Dass said: "I am not saying Congress is behind this. An inquiry will disclose it. But Assam's main issue is the foreigners issue. Who created this (situation)?"

Expressing dissatisfaction over the reporting by a section of media, he said the media's role is to be a bridge between the government and the people.

"We must restrain in playing the provocative statements in the media and should not repeat those. But a section of media is continuously playing those, creating misconceptions. We have to discuss the role of some media if they are not changed and leave provocative stand," Dass said, without elaborating on what he meant by "we have to discuss".

He also said that the BJP believes in "Indian nationalism" and a beautiful Assam can be built only on the foundation of this.

"Today's situation proves that there is no other way than Indian nationalism. If anyone challenges the peace process of the Indian government, then he has to face the consequences. We will not compromise on a single inch of Assam land," Dass said.

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