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Only winning matters, not style of play: Atletico Madrid coach

IANS madrid India
Updated: 02-11-2018 20:26 IST
Atletico Madrid's Argentine coach Diego Simeone said on Friday that winning was the only thing that mattered, regardless of the playing system, adding that his team had been improving recently.

Simeone made these remarks at a press conference on the eve of Saturday's La Liga away match against Leganes at the Municipal Stadium of Butarque, reports Efe.

"There are many ways to play and you can win (using) all. We have to understand as coaches, above all, the best playing system is that which suits us the best," Simeone stressed.

"I do not defend any specific style; I simply comment on what I see... I think that soccer is wonderful because there are different playing styles. No one owns the truth. The truth is still (whoever) wins," he added.

The Argentine coach praised Leganes, a team that Atletico has yet to defeat at the Leganes' home stadium.

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