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PTI Mumbai
Updated: 02-11-2018 20:33 IST

Western Railway Friday withdrew

its order to cancel halts of six suburban trains at Jogeshwari

station in northern Mumbai following protests from commuters.

The halts were cancelled as part of a new suburban

train timetable that came into effect Thursday.

The decision had upset commuters who lodged complaints

with the Jogeshwari station master as well as divisional


Following a meeting between BJP Mumbai unit chief

Ashish Shelar and WR Mumbai divisional railway manager Sanjay

Mishra, the decision to cancel the halts was revoked Friday.

When contacted, Shelar said, "Jogeshwari needs more

train halts due to increase in passengers, especially due to

the metro and the Bombay Exhibition Centre nearby. I mediated

on behalf of the commuters and resolved the issue."

"As passenger representatives showed dissatisfaction

at the cancellation of halts, we decided to pull it back,"

said Ravinder Bhakar, chief public relations officer, WR.

Ratan Poddar, a member of the newly-elected Zonal

Railway Users Consultative Committee (ZRUCC) panel set up WR,

slammed the earlier order and said railway officials should

not take such decisions arbitrarily without consulting


In the new timetable, WR has added 10 services and

extended 122 others, besides changing the routes of 56


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