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PTI hyderabad India
Updated: 02-11-2018 21:49 IST

We're miffed at attitude of Congress, says Telangana CPI

Hyderabad, Nov 2 (PTI): The CPI, a partner in the proposed

'grand alliance' of opposition parties for the December 7

Legislative Assembly elections in Telangana, Friday expressed

dissatisfaction over the attitude of Congress.

The 'grand alliance' comprises the Congress, TDP,

CPI and Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS).

"We express dissatisfaction over the attitude of

the Congress party for leaking to the media that two or three

seats will be given to the CPI. The Congress is behaving in a

manner that creates disappointment in our rank and file of

workers," Telangana secretary of CPI Chada Venkat Reddy told

reporters here.

However, he said the future course of action of the

CPI would be decided at a meeting of the state executive of

the party on November 4 for which its general secretary S

Sudhakar Reddy has been invited.

Reddy said the party would not walk out of the

alliance and continue to make efforts to achieve

its political objectives.

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