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PTI thane India
Updated: 03-11-2018 15:16 IST

Thane police managed to trace and

rescue a 7-year-old girl within 12 hours after she went

missing while on her way to meet her mother, an official said


The girl, a resident of Gholia Nagar in Kalwa township

here, was to meet her mother and then proceed to buy clothes

for Diwali when she got lost in the evening on November 1,

said Kalwa police station senior inspector Shekhar Bagde.

The girl's family filed a police complaint later in

the day and four teams were formed to trace her, he said.

"CCTV footage was checked in the vicinity of her

house, Kalwa railway station etc. We learnt that she was

spotted at Kurla railway station in Mumbai," Bagde said.

By the time the Kalwa police team reached Kurla,

authorities there had handed over the child to the Mankhurd

Children's Home, the official said.

"We went to the children's home and united her with

her family on Friday," Bagde said, adding that police

personnel also bought the child a set of clothes as a Diwali


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