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PTI panaji India
Updated: 07-11-2018 20:38 IST

No truck carrying fish would be

allowed to enter Goa unless the consignment complies with

guidelines of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA)

department, the state government said Wednesday.

The Association of Fish Wholesalers in the state had

said they needed two months' time before they could ensure

compliance with quality norms set by the state FDA.

The association had also told the FDA that testing of

fish in markets should be resumed so that retailers regain

people's confidence about the quality of fish.

The import of fish into the coastal state has stopped

after the Goa government withdrew permission to wholesale fish

traders to bring fish from outside, asking them to adhere to

FDA guidelines to get the permission.

"Representations without complying with FDA

guidelines would be put in a shredder and thrown into

dustbin. There is no question of I even interacting with them

without these people complying with FDA guidelines," Health

Minister Vishwajit Rane said Wednesday.

Wholesale fish traders had suggested that FDA officer

Iva Fernandes, who first certified that fish imported from

outside was contaminated with formalin (a toxic substance used

for preservation of cadavers), should be made in-charge of the

fish testing facility.

People will begin to trust the quality of fish sold in

local markets only when Fernandes certifies that there is no

formalin contamination, they had said.

Rane, however, refused to entertain this demand.

"We are here to serve the people of Goa. There is no

question of heeding anybody's representation or advice when

they have not even come forward to comply with FDA

guidelines," he said.

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