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Giants RB Barkley aiming to better the best

Updated: 08-11-2018 04:57 IST

Dallas Cowboys: Maybe the opposition has provided the fighting words needed to get the 3-5 Cowboys on track. The Cowboys meet division rival Philadelphia (4-4) on Sunday night, and Eagles center Jason Kelce had this to say about Dallas on the 94.1 WIP Morning Show on Wednesday. "There's certainly a rivalry there, we play them twice a year," Kelce said of the Cowboys. "I would say mostly I just don't think a lot of players, in particular me, just don't really like the franchise, the organization, what it stands for -- what it's always stood for. This goes back to the lockout when they were getting replacement players, how outspoken the Dallas Cowboys franchise was in ending that. I've just never really appreciated what the organization -- and what its fans really stood for. A lot of fair-weather people from across the country that just kind of fell in love because they're winners instead of having any type of emotional connection to the team whatsoever."

New York Giants: Rookie running back Saquon Barkley certainly has set high goals for himself. With 1,016 combined rushing and receiving yards this season, he's third in the NFL and he aspires to be better than the man sitting in first place on the list: Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams (1,260). "I watch film of Todd Gurley, I love the way he plays. He's an all-purpose back, a threat any time he touches the ball. He runs physical, running great in between the tackles." He added: "I want to be better than Todd one day. I know he's got the same mindset. All the running backs got the same mindset in the league, and that's just the way it operates in this league, just how it operates as competitors."

Philadelphia Eagles: Quarterback Carson Wentz spent his bye week back home in North Dakota surrounded by nature -- and a huge Eagles fan: Los Angeles Angels fan Mike Trout. The two have formed a friendship and spent last week together hunting. "Mike and I, when we go hunting, we hang out, we don't talk too much baseball or football," Wentz said. "We keep it strictly hunting, just hanging out and having a good time. That's our time to get away from our sports and everything, so we don't talk too much about that." He added: "There are lots of ducks, and lots of geese, in North Dakota. We had a great trip. Like I said earlier, it was just perfect timing for me and some of my friends and family to all get together, get away, get refreshed, recharged for the second half of the season."

Washington Redskins: Head coach Jay Gruden won't make excuses for injuries now that the Redskins (5-3) have 13 players on injured reserve. "It's something you don't want to go through, but it's pro football and you have to go through it. ... We can't slow down. The train doesn't stop." Quarterback Alex Smith agreed, even if it means three offensive linemen signed Monday will need to take a speed-read through the playbook. "All the calls, all the communication that has to take place - run, pass, third down. All the different looks, the thousands and thousands of reps that we've had, you try to condense into a few days to get ready," Smith said. "I think communication is a key."

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