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Seahawks look to keep Gurley out of end zone

Updated: 08-11-2018 05:12 IST

Arizona Cardinals: A diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan growing up, Josh Rosen was particularly fond of Andy Reid, whose Kansas City Chiefs the Cardinals will face this Sunday. Rosen told reporters Wednesday he used to own an Eagles shirt reading, "Our coach will eat yours," referring to Reid's famed appetite. Rosen also recounted a memory of watching Reid's offense and Michael Vick tear up the Washington Redskins for 59 points on Monday Night Football in 2010. "My mom, we didn't really have TiVo, so she would have a video recorder and record the TV screen," Rosen said. "I was at a Pop Warner practice, and I came back. ...She was like, ‘Hey, I've got a surprise for you on the first play.' It was the naked boot when bombed it, like, 80 yards to DeSean Jackson. I remember it like it was yesterday."

Los Angeles Rams: A day after Aqib Talib said on NFL Network he expects to return after Thanksgiving -- when he's eligible to be recalled from injured reserve -- head coach Sean McVay was cautiously optimistic about the cornerback's prediction. "Certainly he's a guy we anticipate using one of [two injured-reserve recall] designations on," McVay said. "When that is exactly, I don't know. I love the fact that Aqib wants to get back as soon as possible, but we'll see if [head athletic trainer] Reggie earns his paycheck and he can make that thing happen." McVay joked that Talib's proclamation was "a vet move," putting the pressure on Scott and the training staff.

San Francisco 49ers: Kyle Juszczyk is paid well over twice what any other fullback in the NFL makes, and head coach Kyle Shanahan has used him accordingly, moving him all over the formation and asking him to do a number of different tasks. "Every game, if the other team has a fullback, he'll come up to me, and it's usually the exact same conversation," Juszczyk told the team's website. "It's, ‘Damn, man, they've got you doing everything. You've got it good.' Literally every single time. There's not much I can say. I just grin." Unsurprisingly, Shanahan is effusive in his praise of Juszczyk, calling him "as good of a fullback as there is or probably has been."

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks couldn't quite pull the upset over the Rams in Week 5, but they have positives to pull from as they prepare for this week's rematch in Los Angeles. Linebacker Bobby Wagner liked how Seattle's defense limited running back Todd Gurley to 3.5 yards per carry but added that it needs to do better at finishing the job, as Gurley scored three touchdowns. "We have to find a way to do that, make them one dimensional, find a way to make sure Todd doesn't get into the end zone as many times as he did," Wagner said. "We know we have the recipe to do that, but we have to do it. We can talk about it all we want, but if we don't do it on Sunday, it won't mean anything."

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