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PTI suri India
Updated: 08-11-2018 13:58 IST

The ornaments of two Kali idols of

a temple were stolen at Chinpai village of Birbhum district

triggering furore among locals who blocked road, the police


The idols were decorated with gold and silver ornaments

on the occasion of Kali puja Tuesday. Those were found missing

by the priest this morning, they said.

Angry over the theft, hundreds of villagers, including

women, sat on the busy national highway.

Initially, police tried to disperse the villagers, but

failed. Once the officer-in-charge of the local police station

reached the spot, he was chased by them.

After about two hours, Additional Superintendent of Police

Subimal Pal arrived and the blockade was lifted.

Superintendent of Police Kunal Agarwal said that the

situation was under control. Senior police officers were

camping in the spot.

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